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Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi

‘Ours is not a system of justice where foot soldiers go to jail and the masterminds and ringleaders get a pass,’ Raskin says.

Several Maryland political leaders were present at the White House for the historic bill signing.

Hoyer, stepping out of leadership, offers praise for the new Democratic leader.

Hoyer signals he’ll return to the Appropriations Committee.

Congress returns to Capitol Hill and a lengthy to-do list next week, following a six-week midterm elections break that saw Democrats outperform expectations and…

President’s executive actions will provide pardons for thousands of Americans serving federal drug sentences.

Congressman hammers his rival for once advocating that people with HIV be ordered to get tattoos.

‘It’s again a scary time to be a DACA holder,’ a Maryland Dreamer says.

Hoyer travels to Pittsburgh to provide counter-programming, calls GOP agenda ‘too frightening for most American voters.’