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Melissa Wells

Two organizations say financial institutions need stronger oversight to invest in minority and low-to-moderate income communities.

Of the 22 jurisdictions with student board members, 14 do not have voting rights.

The Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland will have new leaders after Dels. Darryl Barnes and Benjamin Brooks say they are giving up their caucus jobs.

Two key committees in the House of Delegates voted back to back on Friday to approve an amended version of a sweeping climate bill…

Following nearly 2 1/2 hours of debate, the Senate gave preliminary approval Friday to the Abortion Care Access Act, which would allow nurse practitioners,…


Bill would establish mechanism for motorists who believe their credit scores are driving up their car insurance premiums.

The bill sponsor said many of her constituents don’t see a legitimate connection between credit scores and driving history.

House keys sitting on an eviction notice received in the mail.

Letting local governments require landlords to provide a reason when they choose not to renew a tenant’s lease is a top priority for fair housing advocates.

Two Democratic candidates for governor rolled out endorsements Monday — in one case, a roster of elected officials from Baltimore City, and in the…

The House and Senate took major steps toward codifying hard-fought, historic shifts in state policing policy Thursday night, giving the public a glimpse into…