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Maryland Public Service Commission

Maryland Public Service Commission

There were 71 lobbyists registered to represent the utilities’ interests in 2023, according to the report, led by Baltimore Gas and Electric and Pepco, which each used 22 lobbyists last year.

Eight environmental leaders are pressing Maryland energy regulators for more transparency on how the state’s renewable energy program is handled — and how the…

Offshore Wind

What is Maryland’s big picture? How do all the pieces fit together into an integrated reliable electric power system?


The state’s biggest utilities want to delay the Climate Solutions Now Act with another study. The House needs to stand up to this “classic stall maneuver,” one climate activist writes.

The grid modernization process needs to consider other issues such as creating jobs, establishing fair labor standards and promoting racial equity.


General Assembly action is needed now. A delay in enacting HB88 benefits utilities, raises costs for customers and hinders progress on state climate goals.

Offshore Wind

State can maintain offshore wind industry advantage with approval of new projects and development of supply chain growth strategies.

Baltimore Gas and Electric Company gained approval to use biogas — gas derived from organic sources such as food waste and lawn clippings —…

The Danish offshore wind developer Ørsted announced Wednesday that it has submitted a bid to generate up to 760 megawatts of power with a…

In an effort to reduce carbon emissions faster, Maryland lawmakers introduced a bill this year to promote the use of geothermal energy — one…