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Mark Pennak

Ghost Gun

The decision represents the second blow to firearms laws passed in Maryland in less than a week.

The case could have implications on both qualified immunity for police officers and right to video record police performing their duties in public.

‘Today’s a big step forward to support our children and help to keep our community safe,’ Moore said at bill signing ceremony.

Similarities and shared aims suggest they can reach consensus.

Legislation by Del. Luke Clippinger would prohibit those who suffer from mental illness or history of violent behavior to possess a firearm.

Legislation aims to lessen possibility of mass shootings.

Governor’s decision to lift restrictions on carrying concealed weapons in Maryland left law enforcement agencies and policymakers scrambling.

Gun dealers and a Second Amendment advocacy group are seeking to overturn a law that requires gun sellers to hand out include pamphlets on suicide prevention and conflict resolution.


The bill would mandate minimum security requirements for licensed gun dealers to prevent their shops from being robbed.

Sen. Susan Lee (D-Montgomery) presented legislation Wednesday seeking to regulate the ability to purchase or manufacture untraceable, or “ghost,” guns. “Untraceable firearms are not…