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Karen Lewis Young

Karen Lewis Young

It’s time to remove sources of pollution from the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard

The money is available, but coordinating the programs may be a challenge for a depleted state government.

Lawmaker and veteran party activist wants Maryland Republicans to avoid the ‘circular firing squad,’ but has harsh words for some GOPers.

What better way for special interest groups to curry favor with policymakers than to pony up during the run-up to the first session of the legislative term?

In his first election cycle as the upper chamber’s leader, Senate president Bill Ferguson (D) is proving that he’s no slouch on the fundraising front.

Several competitive open-seat Senate primaries are now in the process of being called.

A mystery entity is running a TV ad boosting Democrat Tom Perez for governor.


The 2022 legislative session proved successful in advancing policies that aid the more than 110,000 Marylanders with Alzheimer’s and other dementia.

phone dialing 988

Maryland lawmakers are sponsoring bills to divert more mental health crisis calls from law enforcement and transition the state to a 988 crisis hotline.