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Josh Tulkin


Governor, who pledged to appoint a state climate czar as he was campaigning in 2022, described the dual hiring as ‘a whole-of-government approach.’

More than 100 advocacy organizations had a hand in the new document calling for action on a variety of fronts.

The new analysis will be used as a jumping-off point for state officials to take the public pulse this summer on the state’s climate goals.

An attempt to prepare an important agency for its greater responsibilities.

Changes coming to the utility regulatory agency that could up the state’s game when it comes to fighting climate change.

Lawsuit charges that there are deficiencies in the environmental review, which won federal approval for the project to move forward.

The Senate is poised to concur with the House of Delegates’ version of a wide-ranging climate bill that aims to significantly reduce statewide greenhouse…

Even though the House has its own version of the weighty legislation — chopped into three parts — House leaders have chosen to use the Senate bill as the vehicle to put their own stamp on the state’s climate policy.