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Joseph Getty


The Maryland Court of Appeals on Friday pushed Maryland’s 2022 primary campaign candidate filing deadline back by a month.

Del. Mark N. Fisher points to a district map on the House floor

Fair Maps Maryland, an anti-gerrymandering group, and three Republican state delegates announced a petition challenging the state’s new legislative districts Thursday.

Maryland’s new legislative map means uncertainty for Republican House incumbents in Harford County: District 7 Republican Delegates Lauren C. Arikan and Richard K. Impallaria…

Del. Mark N. Fisher points to a district map on the House floor

Maryland lawmakers finalized new legislative boundaries, but the new map is certain to face legal challenges in the coming weeks.

Screenshot of House Rules and Executive Nominations Committee

The House of Delegates could begin debate on a legislative redistricting plan as early as Wednesday morning.

Gov. Lawrence J. Hogan Jr. (R) appointed Judge Joseph M. Getty as Chief Judge and Judge Steven B. Gould to represent Montgomery County on…

Gov. Lawrence J. Hogan Jr. (R) will enter the 2020 General Assembly session with a new chief legislative officer — but he has tapped…

Voters will decide Tuesday on whether to re-elect Gov. Lawrence J. Hogan Jr. (R) or bring change in the form of former NAACP president…