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Jim Shalleck

‘Election interference is a crime,’ the State Board of Elections warns.

U.S. Rep. Anthony Brown declared victory early Wednesday in the Democratic primary for attorney general after being named the winner by two media outlets….

Prominent pollster says she sees no evidence of a path to victory for Cox in a general election.

Democrat Wes Moore led gubernatorial candidates in fundraising during the waning weeks of the 2022 campaign. Between June 8 and July 3, Moore and…

Climate change policy continues to be a potent selling point for the Democrats running for governor.

U.S. Representative Anthony Brown outraised former Baltimore City District Court Judge Katie Curran O’Malley in the last six months, new campaign finance records show….

Even though pandemic protocols have largely eased in recent months, Michael Peroutka urges his supporters to remain vigilant about government encroachment.

The forum organizers let Jim Shalleck, a former prosecutor, deliver what would have been his 2-minute opening statement.

U.S. Rep. Anthony G. Brown and retired Judge Katie Curran O’Malley have each raised more than $630,000 since launching AG campaigns.

State Sen. William C. Smith Jr., a high-profile legislator who spent several weeks mulling his own bid for attorney general, endorsed Rep. Anthony G….