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Jeffrey Gahler

Council also delays vote on request to pay for criminal defense attorney on the same day a department head appears before a grand jury.

The Harford County Council could consider a request for $15,000 in legal fees as early as Tuesday.

Republican executive temporarily blocked county auditor from accessing financial information and the president of the county council calls the relationship strained.

Subpoena asks for emails and other records related to accusations that the first-year Harford County Executive illegally snooped on the emails and phone records of a councilmember, sheriff and others.

Nearly a dozen counties have shared email systems and some council leaders are questioning the need to go it alone or impose limits on their executives.

A Harford County council member is calling for Harford County Executive Robert Cassilly (R) to take a leave of absence after accusing the freshman…

Oprah Winfrey, according to Wes Moore’s campaign, will interview the candidate ‘about leadership and the challenges families in Maryland are facing’ at an upcoming fundraiser.

A judge granted a temporary restraining order on Thursday, requiring the Harford County Sheriff to provide access to evidence to the Independent Investigations Unit.

According to a complaint, Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler refused to provide physical evidence and copies of video evidence to the Independent Investigation Unit.

Harford Sheriff

By Jeffrey R. Gahler The writer is the Harford County sheriff. I was appalled to read in a Maryland Matters article that Worcester County…