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Supporters of bill say it will limit police interactions; opponents say it takes away a tool from law enforcement to make streets safe.

Instead of minors being prosecuted, they would receive counseling, other social services.

A summary of some of the legislation lawmakers plan to review during this year’s 90-day session.

Heather Mizeur returns to her old stomping grounds next week for a fundraiser.

Several competitive open-seat Senate primaries are now in the process of being called.

The fate of several lawmakers could be determined over the next few days by the pending count of mail-in ballots.

These aren’t the only lawmakers who are potentially vulnerable — and of course, not everybody on this list is going to lose.

People of color make up 43% of Maryland’s Court of Appeals, which is the state’s highest court, while 57% of the justices are women.

Challenger Max Socol got his long sought-after one-on-one encounter with the Montgomery County incumbent Monday night — sort of.

Gubernatorial hopeful Wes Moore pulled in a coveted Democratic endorsement Friday, when U.S. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer announced his support for the former…