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Jack Bailey

Jack Bailey

Governor’s office releases data showing a reduction in vacancies on boards and commissions and an increase in diversity.

‘I know, if the state received a nickel every time I said the word “partnership,” our budget problems would be solved,’ governor jokes.

Top environmentalist says the 2023 session ‘marked a new day for Maryland,’ with strong environmental leaders in the governor’s office and in key positions in the legislature.

If passed, the bill heading to the House and Senate would provide more assurance of oversight than budget language being considered. 

The House and Senate took vastly different approaches to craft policy prohibiting unserialized ghost guns on Wednesday.

Ellis has introduced legislation that puts him at odds with his fellow Charles County elected officials and with a key local education institution.

Republican state lawmakers are imploring the committee charged with selecting nominees to oversee the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future education reform plan to reconsider its…

After nearly eight-and-a-half hours of contentious debate and over a dozen attempts to amend it, the House Police Accountability Act of 2021 moved out…

Drunk Driving

In 2019, 167 people died in drunk-driving crashes in Maryland, representing nearly a third of all traffic deaths. That’s 167 of our mothers, fathers,…

A proposal that would clarify exemptions to Maryland’s new tax on digital advertising moved forward in the Senate on Thursday. This emergency bill from…