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House Appropriations

An agency responsible for assessing the value of residential and commercial properties missed a key deadline. Lawmakers scramble for a fix that won’t penalize taxpayers or local government.

Gonzales poll finds Moore’s majority job approval remains consistent, strong support for increased penalties for crimes committed with stolen firearms, fentanyl distribution.

Senate leader says no to tax increases this year, but asserts targeted fee increases are possible.

Plan would impose combined reporting on corporations, increase taxes on high earners as well as inheritances and capital gains while providing some additional tax credits for low-income earners.

Billions in deficits over the remainder of Moore’s term have some lawmakers asking about tax increases.

Proposed $63.1 billion plan increases aid for childcare, public safety, service year program but will “rebase” spending to others including grants for students at private colleges and a community college funding formula.

One-time infusion of cash leaves more than $3 billion in project cuts looming in the coming years.