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Gordana Schifanelli

Republican strategist believes the party’s renewal can begin at the local level.

Nicole Harris, Tim Fazenbaker competing to lead Maryland Republican Party.

With praise for Donald Trump and a last (?) swipe at Larry Hogan, Dan Cox acknowledged Wednesday that his gubernatorial bid came up short.

A victor in his first try for public office; Cox refuses to concede

Favored in the polls, Democrat Wes Moore pulled in a whopping $5.2 million in the past two months.

Both men sought to align themselves with the state’s popular, term-limited governor, Republican Larry Hogan.

Talk show host and GOP activists claim their ‘Unite the Right’ event bears no similarity to the deadly Charlottesville rally with the same name.

‘Fighting in Afghanistan was my definition of defending democracy,’ the Democratic nominee says.

The Democratic ticket had more than 10 times the cash on hand as of Aug. 23.

‘It’s the politicians who are giving the orders,’ GOP nominee for governor says. ‘It’s the politicians who have to go.’