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Fagan Harris

Prince George’s County executive is expected to head to several out-of-state cities as she raises money for her Senate bid.

Collaboration was the main theme at a joint meeting where two education groups discussed ideas to revamp the state’s education system.

Oftentimes, the chatter about the names you hear for key positions are coming directly from the wannabes who wish to serve in the Moore administration or from people who are close to them.

The board received almost 445 written pieces of correspondence from students, parents, advocates and education officials.

For the longer term, Annapolis officials must require further study of the Blueprint elements that are now underfunded.

Moore names three deputy chiefs of staff and an assistant chief of staff, meaning he’s revealed many of the people who will work on the State House 2nd floor.

Blueprint for Maryland’s Future document will outline 10-year plan to reform education.

Legislature’s fiscal advisers believe the state can weather a financial storm if a recession hits.

Governor-elect taps five for key positions as transition intensifies.