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Don Mohler

Don Mohler

Democrats may campaign this fall on ending the filibuster in the U.S. Senate. Now the open Maryland seat is in play.

Marylanders want commitment, investment, and good stewardship of public dollars. This lease agreement addresses each of these priorities.

A lifelong Baltimorean reflects on the relationship between the Orioles icon and his community — and urges the team’s young stars to follow his lead.

Democrats often make the mistake of failing to talk like real people talk.

The political arena is not unlike the sporting world. More often than not, who has the momentum matters.

A scene from the 1955 film Blackboard Jungle

Some would say that the dysfunction in our society makes it inevitable that our schools will reflect that unrest.

The race to represent the Democrats in the gubernatorial election next June should pretty much be a done deal. But as so often happens in politics, the voters seem to have other ideas.

Maryland Matters Founding Editor Josh Kurtz joined hosts Nestor Aparicio and Don Mohler on a recent free-wheeling episode of their podcast, “Baltimore Positive.” Roughly…

I am angry. You are angry. Hell, the entire nation is angry. But what makes this such a challenging time is that we are not…