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Dayvon Love

Black communities in Baltimore can win — when policy is focused on community-based violence prevention and community oversight of law enforcement, and success stories are uplifted.

Woke has become a caricature of aspects of leftist (mostly social media) discourse used to smear those of us who are advocating more radical politics.

The core of the party, dominated by an overwhelmingly white donor class, has benefited more from Black people’s consistent patronage than Black people have benefited from Democratic Party representation.

Law Enforcement

A Baltimore activist is disappointed that some of the city’s leaders are resistant to substantive community oversight of police.

Public Safety

Tougher penalties on offenders and tougher sentencing by judges isn’t an effective anti-violence strategy.

Racial Justice

Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle public policy director points out the many leadership changes in the legislature in the past few years. Now comes the real test.

The Police Accountability Act of 2021, a major law enforcement reform measure sponsored by House Speaker Adrienne A. Jones (D-Baltimore County) hit the House…

“Defund the police.” It’s a phrase that has been chanted and painted on signs across the U.S. in the midst of nationwide unrest over…

Baltimore Mayor Catherine E. Pugh (D) was the speaker at the annual legislative prayer breakfast in Annapolis Friday morning. Whether she silently beseeched the…