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David Lapp

No business operating in a competitive environment would risk spending vast sums on long-term infrastructure to deliver an undetermined ‘something different.’

If the data centers come to Frederick County, there could be tremendous consequences for the climate — and for millions of utility customers throughout the region.

The forthcoming legislative debate comes at a time when consumer advocates are pressuring state officials to crack down on unsavory practices by electric retailers.

Nothing is ever simple when it comes to policies and regulations that govern electric utilities.

The head of the Maryland Office of People’s Counsel pushes back against arguments that Maryland is not ready for an electrification transformation.

The money is available, but coordinating the programs may be a challenge for a depleted state government.

Utilities are on track to spend tens of billions of dollars replacing their entire local distribution systems and expanding pipeline capacity.

The two governments began a nationwide search for a director to lead the authority last year.

Nine years ago, the General Assembly passed a law governing the natural gas industry that was designed, among other things, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The scandal involves the parent company of Potomac Edison, the electric utility that serves more than a quarter million customers in Western Maryland.