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David Fraser-Hidalgo

With two Maryland stores, a proposal in the House could allow Trone and his brother as many as eight retail alcohol licenses in the state.

Oil and business interests offer written testimony in opposition to the legislation but do not send anyone to testify at public hearing.

Almost half of Maryland voters said climate change has directly impacted them.

Transportation and the budget top 90-day session agenda but waiting in the wings are possible debates on taxes and aid in dying.

The Md. Dept. of the Environment estimates that at least $1 billion annually in new state spending is necessary for investments that would help the state meet its climate goals.

Powerful immigrants’ rights group works to repair damage after its tweet on war in Gaza is called antisemitic.

Top environmentalist says the 2023 session ‘marked a new day for Maryland,’ with strong environmental leaders in the governor’s office and in key positions in the legislature.

Senate panel votes to advance architect for another Stadium Authority board post.

During a recent test, the reliability of one major utility’s public electric vehicle charging stations did not meet expectations.