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Dan Cox

Long list of potential candidates, including Dan Cox, Krish Vignarajah, Jason Buckel and Jan Gardner, are eyeing the open U.S. House seat.

Next step is for Gov. Wes Moore to formally appoint Martinez to seat to represent District 22 in Prince George’s County.

Lawmaker and veteran party activist wants Maryland Republicans to avoid the ‘circular firing squad,’ but has harsh words for some GOPers.

Republican strategist believes the party’s renewal can begin at the local level.

A watchdog group catalogues which corporations are naughty and nice when it comes to supporting democracy.

Nicole Harris, Tim Fazenbaker competing to lead Maryland Republican Party.

Republican leaders distance themselves from Peroutka’s claim that “suspicous” events marred Maryland’s balloting

Wes Moore’s victory in the race for Maryland governor was not pre-ordained. We talked with political insiders and the candidate himself about his come-from-behind victory.

With praise for Donald Trump and a last (?) swipe at Larry Hogan, Dan Cox acknowledged Wednesday that his gubernatorial bid came up short.

A victor in his first try for public office; Cox refuses to concede