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Dan Cox

Part of the kabuki dance of being a third party candidate for political office is having to convince skeptical voters and donors that you have even a slim shot at victory.

During radio interview, GOP attorney general hopeful says he ‘does not know’ whether President Biden’s victory was legitimate.

There is no timetable for Cox’s broader appeal to be heard.

Dan Cox challenges Wes Moore to debate during brief encounter at well-attended festival.

The Cox campaign has appealed to the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, the second-highest court in the state, and is asking the court to issue a stay on the ruling until judges decide whether to accept the appeal.

November’s election results are going to necessitate a lot of soul-searching among GOP activists about the kind of candidates and messages the party needs to be advancing in this blue state.

Heather Mizeur returns to her old stomping grounds next week for a fundraiser.

Ruling is a defeat for Republican gubernatorial hopeful Dan Cox, who sought to keep mail ballots uncounted until after Election Day.

Union leader applauds addition of California-based construction giant to Montgomery toll lanes project.

Maryland voters are expected to cast a record number of mail-in ballots in the upcoming gubernatorial election.