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Cheryl Pasteur

Details on a fair housing bill, ‘Freedom to Read,’ a ‘second look’ measure for prison inmates, one of the governor’s housing initiatives, and GOP attempts to restrict abortion.

Potent as the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future is, it will not be nearly as effective in improving education in the state if we don’t change school culture at the same time.

‘It does not appear we have the votes to pass it in the Senate,’ Senate President Bill Ferguson says of medical aid-in-dying legislation.

Clyde Boatwright, president of the Maryland Fraternal Order of Police, testified virtually for almost 90 minutes of the more than three-hour briefing.

Baltimore County officials want a lawsuit against the jurisdiction’s new council districts thrown out.

Members of a state workgroup that has been meeting publicly since June to draw up new state education funding formulas is now getting down…


A core group of 13 people will meet over the next several months to recommend new state funding formulas for K-12 public schools. Senate…