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Cheryl Kagan

Cheryl Kagan

A view of the Maryland House of Delegates chamber from the gallery.

Both Democrats were 25 when they were elected to the House of Delegates on Election Day.

Del. Dan Cox’s bid to block early counting of mail-in ballots is thwarted by the Court of Appeals.

The Cox campaign has appealed to the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, the second-highest court in the state, and is asking the court to issue a stay on the ruling until judges decide whether to accept the appeal.

Heather Mizeur returns to her old stomping grounds next week for a fundraiser.

Ruling is a defeat for Republican gubernatorial hopeful Dan Cox, who sought to keep mail ballots uncounted until after Election Day.

In a petition filed Friday, the board is seeking a judicial order to permit local election boards to begin processing mail ballots on Oct. 1.

The party scene in Ocean City is so relentless during the week of the Maryland Association of Counties summer conference that it’s easy to…

As primary results were certified Monday, nearly a month after the July 19 election, the State Board of Elections voted to seek legal action to allow earlier processing of ballots in November.


Funn’s death comes at a critical time for the state elections board, as it works to certify the results from the primaries and prepares for the general election.

Just over a week ahead of Maryland’s primary election, voters are trickling into early voting centers and dropping ballots in mailboxes and dropboxes throughout…