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Chase Cook

Inappropriate Medicaid terminations, computer errors and even call center wait times have added hurdles for some of the 1.8 million Marylanders waiting to see if their coverage will be renewed.

As patients lost access to Adderall, they resorted to other medications.

Following an informational campaign urging thousands of Marylanders to re-enroll in Medicaid, the Maryland Department of Health released data showing that more than 76,000…

‘We, as a state, need to do everything that we can do to give people from the LGBTQ community access to health care – period,’ Del. Ashanti Martinez says. 

Supporters of Western Maryland Hospital Center once again battle to keep the 65-year-old facility open.

State, local and university officials gathered on the University of Maryland, Baltimore County campus to celebrate the recent transfer a state-run hospital to the college.