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Calvin Ball

Calvin Ball

Promises to move beyond the pandemic, build on their counties’ strengths, and seize on the opportunities presented by unprecedented federal largesse heading their way.

Few measures have managed to unite Democratic, unaffiliated, and Republican voters, the author writes.

After Democrat Calvin Ball defeated the incumbent Republican, Allan Kittleman, in the 2018 race for Howard County executive, Kittleman traveled to Ball’s election night…

November’s election results are going to necessitate a lot of soul-searching among GOP activists about the kind of candidates and messages the party needs to be advancing in this blue state.

District 30 Democratic Club host abortion discussion mixing history, support for procedure simply deemed as ‘health care.’

Winchester Hall in downtown Frederick

With 68 days left until the Nov. 8 general election, the heat is on in competitive races for county executive in Anne Arundel, Frederick and Howard counties.

Maryland’s past three Democratic governors held executive positions in local government before winning statewide office and took many of their colleagues with them to the State House.

Expanded highway will cut travel times and reduce stormwater runoff, officials say.

Some of the most hard-fought elections in Maryland this year will be races for county executive in the state’s largest jurisdictions.