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Brit Kirwan

Brit Kirwan

The five state agencies and commissions have until June 15 to submit Blueprint documents with a focus on work between fiscal year 2024 to fiscal year 2027.

Starting July 1, all 24 school systems must start to show that at least 75% of funding follows public school students where they attend.

But her success could be tested in a state that has been rocked by post-COVID learning loss and beset by bureaucratic woes.

Blueprint board approves career and technical education plan slated to boost those programs.

Blueprint summaries note local schools still trying to figure out teacher shortage, implement literacy plans.

If Blueprint plans are not approved this month, local school officials have until Oct. 1 to submit them.

Blueprint board could’ve withheld 25% of funding if minimum guidelines weren’t met.

Collaboration was the main theme at a joint meeting where two education groups discussed ideas to revamp the state’s education system.

The board received almost 445 written pieces of correspondence from students, parents, advocates and education officials.

A board established to implement Maryland’s comprehensive education plan recommended a proposed timeline to have it done in phases.