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Brian Crosby

Brian Crosby

The forthcoming legislative debate comes at a time when consumer advocates are pressuring state officials to crack down on unsavory practices by electric retailers.

Republican lawmakers expressed mixed opinions about two new task forces the governor has created.

Is it transparency or an attempt to stifle frank conversations about energy policy? Grid operator’s priorities can be at odds with state climate goals.

If passed, the bill heading to the House and Senate would provide more assurance of oversight than budget language being considered. 

Deep in the minority, House Republicans debate strategy and tactics in an ever-evolving political environment.

The Maryland House of Delegates gave preliminary approval Wednesday to legislation that would regulate and license the budding cannabis industry, defeating attempts by Republican…

What better way for special interest groups to curry favor with policymakers than to pony up during the run-up to the first session of the legislative term?

It is disheartening that the commissioners continue to move the goal post.

District 29B House seat considered one of the most competitive in Maryland.