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Brian Crosby

Brian Crosby

District 29B House seat considered one of the most competitive in Maryland.

The $300 million tax relief package would slash taxes on hygiene products and medical devices, and extend a tax credit to chronically underemployed Marylanders.

Daylight Saving Time

Bringing an end to the biannual clock change would save lives, increase overall mental health and reduce crime.

The emergence of the omicron variant has forced many lawmakers to reevaluate their fundraising plans on the fly.

While last week’s special General Assembly session was dominated by votes on congressional redistricting and veto overrides, legislators also voted to adjust the boundaries…

Regular General Assembly sessions — except when they are interrupted by the plague — have a certain common rhythm to them. But special sessions…

In St. Mary’s County, what could have been a bipartisan process has turned into an effort to solidify local gerrymandering.

The White Oak Community Recreation Center is among 19 potential locations being considered for early voting centers in the 2022 elections, Montgomery County Board…

Poison Pill

After an unconventional 2020 election which saw unprecedented absentee ballot use, Maryland lawmakers instituted a slew of election reforms during the 2021 legislative session….

Maryland lawmakers considered but failed to embrace legislation that would have prohibited a local election practice that critics say has been used to systematically…