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Brian Chisholm

Elfreth gets firefighters’ support in 3rd District; filing deadline is Friday evening.

The next opportunity for the state to apply for grants under the federal transportation program opens later this year.

In the bad old days, lawmakers might find envelopes of campaign cash from lobbyists and special interest groups before a key vote. The pre-session campaign cash dash only seems a tad less brazen.

Eight Republican delegates sought an investigation citing donation irregularities highlighted by a controversial partisan filmmaker.

Deep in the minority, House Republicans debate strategy and tactics in an ever-evolving political environment.

While Saab’s lawsuit targets Gile, the mailers in question were sent out by the Maryland Democratic Senate Caucus Committee, not Gile’s campaign.

“Political” Floor Remarks Draw Rebuke From Speaker Jones  With weary legislators closing in a on a key deadline to move bills from one chamber…

The General Assembly session reached an emotional crescendo Tuesday as a House committee heard bills designed to protect and extend abortion rights in Maryland….

Following heated debate, the General Assembly passed major immigrants’ rights legislation Monday night. Sponsored by Del. Vaughn Stewart (D-Montgomery), the Dignity Not Detention Act’s…

Maryland’s Senate gave unanimous approval Thursday night to a bill that would reform emergency procurements in the wake of controversial multi-million-dollar deals struck by…