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Ashanti Martinez

‘We, as a state, need to do everything that we can do to give people from the LGBTQ community access to health care – period,’ Del. Ashanti Martinez says. 

Majority of Marylanders approve of Gov. Wes Moore’s early efforts but have concerns about the economy, the direction of the state, crime and education.

Senate panel votes to advance architect for another Stadium Authority board post.

If you’ve been thinking the pace of the 2023 General Assembly session is slower than some years, you’re not wrong. A backlog of bills…

Next step is for Gov. Wes Moore to formally appoint Martinez to seat to represent District 22 in Prince George’s County.

At least three people have confirmed they plan to seek the District 22 House seat representing parts of Prince George’s County.

The candidates will wait to make formal announcements until after Gov. Wes Moore confirms the appointment of Del. Alonzo Washington to a vacant Senate seat.

If confirmed by Gov. Wes Moore, Del. Alonzo Washington would replace former Sen. Paul Pinsky to represent District 22.

The fate of several lawmakers could be determined over the next few days by the pending count of mail-in ballots.