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April Rose

April Rose

Democratic women outnumber Republican women in the legislature, 72-8: ‘There may be no more branches left on the olive tree.’

The convening of the new General Assembly session comes a week before Gov.-elect Wes Moore (D) will be sworn in, adding to the celebratory atmosphere for Democrats.

If this measure becomes law, Maryland would join nine states and the District of Columbia in offering statewide paid family leave.

The House of Delegates gave preliminary approval Friday to a bill that would limit the circumstances under which county health officers can be fired….

Republicans have resigned from the Women’s Caucus of Maryland after a GOP delegate who was in line to become the next president was leap-frogged for the top job by a Democrat.

The House chamber moved consequential abortions access legislation one step closer to the Senate after an hour-and-a-half of respectful debate on Wednesday.

An emergency bill to protect essential workers during public health emergencies is moving through the Maryland General Assembly. However, with less than a week…

House Republican leaders on Thursday identified five pieces of legislation that they are embracing as a package to help small businesses struggling through the…

On the first day of the Maryland General Assembly’s 442th session, Gov. Lawrence J. Hogan Jr. (R) and Democratic leaders of the legislature pledged…

Wireless Education

Noah, a pseudonym for a middle school child with autism, had been doing well in his public education program until school buildings closed in…