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Andrew York

The board is considering studying eight name brand prescription drugs that treat a variety of diseases, including diabetes, HIV, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Pharmaceutical Market

The Prescription Drug Affordability Board is working with a large list of ‘eligible’ prescription drugs that meet certain statutory or regulatory metrics that could indicate a drug is hard for Marylanders to afford.

Over the course of 2024, the board will gather data, manufacturer information and public testimonies that will inform its consideration of which drugs should undergo state cost reduction efforts.

A state board tasked with controlling prescription drug prices for Maryland workers said that they are likely to identify the first set of medications…

The board’s current authority only covers prescription drugs under state and local government health care plans.

Pharmaceutical Market

Process will include input from the public, consideration from stakeholders and information gathering.

As the Maryland Prescription Drug Affordability Board continues to work through regulations for the board’s operations, questions remain about which drugs may be subject…

Lower Health Costs

Maryland, a pioneer in establishing a cost control board for medications, has no definition for “upper payment limits” within state code.

Nearly 18 months after its creation, Maryland’s Prescription Drug Affordability Board has its first executive director.  The panel has hired Dr. Andrew York, an…