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Andrea Trento

A judge deferred ruling on a redrawn congressional district map from the Maryland General Assembly on Friday because Gov. Lawrence J. Hogan Jr. (R)…

A judge blocked Maryland’s new congressional map Friday, finding that the plan violates the Maryland Constitution and Declaration of Rights — and unfairly favors Democrats. She ordered lawmakers to come up with a new plan by nextWednesday.

An attorney whose clients are challenging the state’s legislative districts asserted that Marylanders aren’t given an equal vote since they vote for one, two or three delegates depending on the district they live in.

The former Court of Appeals judge who is presiding over the lawsuits wondered whether Maryland’s unusual geography could have an impact on the district boundaries.

Attorneys for challengers to Maryland’s new congressional districts asked a judge to find the new map unconstitutional on the final day of a trial…

Screenshot of Maryland's new congressional map

Maryland’s new congressional map will likely produce the same 7-1 partisan breakdown as the previous map, an expert for the state said during a…

“I’m gonna be honest, I just do not think you can do it in that time frame,” one local elections director said.

Elections lawyer warned that officials might struggle to implement changes that may result from challenges to Maryland’s new legislative map in time for the June 28 primary.

Challenges to Maryland’s new congressional map could go to trial days before an already pushed-back candidate filing deadline next month.