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Adelaide Eckardt

Veteran state lawmaker was defeated by Stephen Rideout, a former city commissioner and ex-juvenile court judge.

Different generations of Maryland Republican women were in the spotlight on Tuesday night.

Senator says the Aug. 23 election presents her with a good opportunity to pivot after losing the GOP primary for re-election last week.

The fate of several lawmakers could be determined over the next few days by the pending count of mail-in ballots.

These aren’t the only lawmakers who are potentially vulnerable — and of course, not everybody on this list is going to lose.

The House of Delegates gave preliminary approval Friday to a bill that would limit the circumstances under which county health officers can be fired….

Republicans have resigned from the Women’s Caucus of Maryland after a GOP delegate who was in line to become the next president was leap-frogged for the top job by a Democrat.

Two state Senate races to watch — one on the Eastern Shore and one in Western Maryland.

In a party-line vote, Maryland’s Senate advanced a legislative redistricting proposal Thursday that is opposed by Republicans.

Eastern Shore residents urged members of the Legislative Redistricting Advisory Commission to boost representation for people of color in their legislative maps at a…