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Economists on Tuesday urged Congress to address the debt limit quickly, cautioning that simply because U.S. lawmakers have successfully brokered deals before doesn’t mean…

Maryland became the first state this week to get federal approval for a plan to reimburse victims of food benefits fraud — and Gov….

Agreement would enable certain BWI workers to organize while guaranteeing no interruption of services at the airport.

Questions of authority, standing and fairness at issue.

Census survey shows people struggle to pay for food even before pandemic-era SNAP benefits end next month.

Maryland food banks are going to need help meeting community needs as a hunger emergency in the state grows.

The difference of opinion between the Senate and Moore on automatic increases appears to be an early example of how they may differ on implementing changes.

Stymied by skyrocketing costs that have nearly doubled the $375 million estimates for redeveloping Pimlico and Laurel Park race courses, Maryland officials and other…

Maryland agriculture officials, conservation groups and producers from the state’s more than 12,000 farms are vying for their priorities.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture beefed up its efforts to encourage competition in domestic meat and poultry supply chains on Tuesday, awarding close to…