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This spring has seen increased bickering in Northern Virginia over two little-known aviation regulations called the slot and perimeter rules, which govern operations at…

West Baltimore activists backing the proposal say splitting it into five phases could make it more budget friendly but some still question the costs.

A person fills a car with gasoline from a green pump

The tax rate of a gallon of gas will increase by more than 10% compared to the current rate.

The East-West Transit Corridor and a north-south plan is one of over 90 major transit proposals that are part of the Baltimore Metropolitan council’s Resilience 2050 plan.

The Maryland Transportation Authority is accepting comments on the proposal through May 10.

A person fills a car with gasoline from a green pump

Higher temperatures. Higher gas prices. 


An initial agreement between the three states could one day lead to more seamless commuter rail service.

Four ‘persistent’ causes of death were speeding and aggressive driving, drug and alcohol impairment, distracted driving and failure to use seat belts.

The Maryland Transit Coalition, a group of activists who favor public transit options, filed a lawsuit alleging the Federal Highway Administration has violated federal sunshines laws.

By John Domen A few years ago, the New Carrollton Metro Station was surrounded by nothing but parking lots, adjacent to more parking lots….