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With two Maryland stores, a proposal in the House could allow Trone and his brother as many as eight retail alcohol licenses in the state.

Bill gets preliminary approval in House to let campaign funds be used for childcare services and related matters.

The balance between state and local authorities is a frequent point of contention when the General Assembly considers new statewide regulations or deregulation.

Republicans resigned two years ago, and they’re not coming back any time soon. The caucus has released a lengthy, progressive agenda.

Maryland State Police lead the investigation, say there is no threat to the public or employees.

Colleges, nonprofit organizations and agencies will receive money for suicide prevention, family counseling and other services.

Central committees should appoint placeholders who agree to serve only until the next election, a central committee member writes.

The poll results give an idea of how Marylanders feel about medical aid-in-dying, as state lawmakers try to pass the legislation once again.

Department of Legislative Services recommends the legislature withhold $150,000 until the Blueprint Accountability and Implementation Board submits a report by Sept. 1.

Regardless of what you might think of these guys, experts on aging say it’s not as bad as you think — at least from a physical and cognitive ability to do the job.