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Election 2024 - page 8

Fearing that Democrats hold a crucial edge in ballots cast before Election Day, national Republicans are working to convince their voters to take advantage of…

Rogers has leaned heavily into his military experience throughout his political career, and he is targeting the votes of veterans and military families as he campaigns.

Bill gets preliminary approval in House to let campaign funds be used for childcare services and related matters.

Regardless of what you might think of these guys, experts on aging say it’s not as bad as you think — at least from a physical and cognitive ability to do the job.

Hogan sheds a leading GOP primary opponent, while Democrats and their allies up their attacks on abortion.

Biden bests Trump but underperforms his 2020 results in Maryland. In a three-way race, two of three undecided unaffiliated and Black voters break for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Accepting former President Donald Trump’s claim of presidential immunity would embolden future presidents to use military force to stay in office indefinitely, a group…

Hogan’s entry may prompt Democratic primary voters to not only think about which candidate they like best, but to consider who would make a stronger general election candidate.

A relatively drama-free evening at the Maryland State Board of Elections office in Annapolis.

Popular former governor, who has for years disavowed any interest in serving in the U.S. Senate, has shaken up U.S. and Maryland politics.