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On the latest episode of Maryland Chatters, we to talk to three of the late Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr.’s former chiefs of staff.

Maryland Chatters · Ep. 05 ― U.S. Sen. Chris Van Hollen and a General Assembly Preview   The world is a much different place…

Marylander Tom Perez has been the head of the Democratic National Committee since 2017 and his term will soon expire.

After the party united to elect Joe Biden this fall, we talk to Perez about the party’s future, its successes during his term – and the ground Democrats lost in the U.S. House and other down-ballot races in 2020.

For many politicians, fundraising isn’t their favorite part of the job, but it’s necessary.

And during the COVID-19 pandemic, the issue has become more fraught than ever.

Brandon Scott is a “son of Baltimore.”

Born and raised in Park Heights, Scott says he was drawn to run for public office in the city when he was a child and watched the world descend on his neighborhood for a horse race once a year, when every other day he and his friends and family struggled for basic needs, like heat or AC in their schools.

Maryland Chatters · Maryland Chatters with Michael Steele, PJ Hogan Welcome to Maryland Chatters, the new podcast from the nonprofit, nonpartisan journalists at Maryland…