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COVID-19 in Maryland - page 4

President Joe Biden announced a new COVID-19 government website Wednesday while urging Congress to approve billions in funding to keep the pandemic at bay….

Monday was the closest it’s been to a “normal” Crossover Day in three years.

House keys sitting on an eviction notice received in the mail.

Although courts were shut down due to the pandemic and limited federal and state protections were available to tenants facing eviction, new failure to pay rent evictions continue to be filed.

Two former county health officers told state lawmakers that pandemic policy-making in Maryland has become dangerously politicized.

This vote does not rule out future emergency regulations requiring masks.

No one seems sure about who has the authority to grant a school district permission to impose a vaccine mandate.

Beginning Monday, all Senate committee hearings will be held in person, and the full Senate will have floor sessions almost every day.

In December, the state board approved an emergency regulation creating “off-ramps” to the mask mandate that has been in place since the beginning of the school year.

Marylanders who get a COVID-19 booster will be automatically entered to win a cash prize.

Row of medical vials and syringe. Glass bottles with a transparent potion on a light background

The Biden administration is preparing to ship COVID-19 vaccines to states, should the FDA approve an emergency use authorization for kids under 5.