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COVID-19 in Maryland - page 2

State and local health departments remain in limbo over whether they’ll need to single-handedly fund their own COVID-19 vaccines and treatments as a stalemate…

Two federal agencies are expected to rule next week on making two sets of vaccines available to young children.

The Biden administration is preparing to ship out millions of COVID-19 vaccines for children under 5 in the coming weeks, likely ending months of waiting for parents and caregivers.  

Emergent BioSolutions’s Bayview facility is currently undergoing a “maintenance shutdown period” and plans to resume manufacturing services by August.

President Joe Biden signaled Monday he can accept Congress postponing action on billions in COVID-19 funding his administration says is desperately needed in the…

Even when the coronavirus pandemic is over, courthouses across Maryland should continue carrying out a significant portion of their work virtually, according to a judicial task force.

The Biden administration announced plans Tuesday to create a national research action plan that could provide answers to public health officials trying to diagnose…

President Joe Biden announced a new COVID-19 government website Wednesday while urging Congress to approve billions in funding to keep the pandemic at bay….

Monday was the closest it’s been to a “normal” Crossover Day in three years.

House keys sitting on an eviction notice received in the mail.

Although courts were shut down due to the pandemic and limited federal and state protections were available to tenants facing eviction, new failure to pay rent evictions continue to be filed.