Hopkins Hospital Looking for Volunteers to Make Face Masks

    The Johns Hopkins Medical System is looking for volunteers to help make face masks.

    In anticipation of the national shortage, the medical system has developed a method to make face masks for its health professionals and has set up a mask production center in Southeast Baltimore, at 5300A Holabird Ave.

    The hospital is seeking healthy volunteers to work four-hour shifts making the masks. General tasks will include cutting with scissors and razor blades as well as hot gluing and stapling.

    Although they’ll be working for four hours, volunteers will be asked to come onsite for a period of six hours per shift. Prior to the start of each shift, they will be asked to attest that they are asymptomatic of fever and respiratory problems.

    Hopkins says it has set up workspaces that are greater than six feet apart, and that the work stations are being sanitized regularly.

    To volunteer, click here.

    [email protected]

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