As the Annapolis Lobbying World Turns, Part 2

    More developments in the Annapolis lobbying industry:

    The Bellamy Genn Group announced Tuesday that it is joining forces with a veteran government relations professional J. William Pitcher, who is joining the firm.

    Pitcher, who has been lobbying in Annapolis for three decades, had his own government relations shop with his daughter, Julia Pitcher Worcester, but she recently took a job in the state policy department at PhRMA, in the national office in Washington, D.C. Pitcher said he was looking to join a full-service lobbying shop as a result, and added that his clients would be “fully integrated” into the buffed-up firm.

    Pitcher said joining forces with Bellamy Genn “was an easy choice,” and the firm’s founder was equally enthusiastic.

    “With the addition of a respected and experienced attorney and government relations expert, we now have over 120 years of combined governmental and legal skills to call on for our clients,” Lorenzo Bellamy, the firm’s managing partner, said in a statement.

    Also joining the firm will be Susan Pitcher, Bill Pitcher’s wife, to run Bellamy Genn’s ethics and compliance group – a job she previously had in the family firm.

    Meanwhile, there are further developments in Annapolis’ hyper-competitive lobbying world: Katie Nash, who has most recently been a partner with the firm Greenwill Consulting Group, announced Wednesday that she will be hanging her own shingle. She’s calling her venture Greater Good Maryland.

    “This is an opportunity for me to advocate for clients who represent public and community interests,” Nash said in a statement. “I am passionate about this work and Maryland is in need of a results-based firm to navigate on behalf of these clients.”

    Greater Good Maryland will serve as a public affairs and advocacy firm with a specific focus on community and economic development, outreach and education, and issue advocacy, Nash said.

    Nash serves on several boards of nonprofits including Community Mediation Maryland, the City of Frederick’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program Review Panel, the United Way of Frederick County, and the Maryland Government Relations Association.

    Nash’s contract with Greenwill Consulting Group concludes Sept. 10, and Greater Good Maryland will be open for business a day later.

    These developments come on the heels of the announcement by Compass Public Affairs Partners that it is setting up a public relations practice to accompany its lobbying work.

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    Josh Kurtz
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