Anne Arundel Pols Show Bipartisan Love for County’s Judges

    In an unusual display of bipartisan support, most of the Democratic and Republican elected officials from Anne Arundel County are jointly hosting a fundraiser for three county Circuit Court judges who are running in a retention election next year, Pamela K. Alban, Elizabeth S. Morris, and Robert J. Thompson.

    The fundraiser is being held Wednesday at the Firemark Building in Millersville.

    The three judges were appointed by Gov. Lawrence J. Hogan Jr. (R) to fill vacancies on the Circuit Court last year. They face the voters to retain their seats during primary elections next April 28.

    Co-hosting the event: Anne Arundel senators Pamela G. Beidle (D), Sarah K. Elfreth (D), Edward R. Reilly (R), James C. Rosapepe (D) and Bryan W. Simonaire (R); Delegates Heather Bagnall (D), Benjamin Barnes (D), Alice Cain (D), Ned Carey (D), Mark Chang (D), Brian Chisholm (R), Shaneka Henson (D), Seth Howard (R), Nicholaus R. Kipke (R), Michael Malone (R), Mike Rogers (D), Joseline Pena-Melnyk (D) and Sid Saab (R); and County Councilmembers Amanda Fiedler (R), Jessica Haire (R), Sarah E. Lacey (D), Allison M. Pickard (D), Andrew Pruski (D) and Nathan Volke (R).

    “I am proud to join so many members of the General Assembly and the county council, regardless of party affiliation, as co-hosts of the event,” Reilly said. “The judges have demonstrated integrity, character, and judicial temperament that earned them across-the-board support.”

    Beidle called the incumbents “tremendously qualified and experienced judges” who “deserve to stay on the bench.”

    Alban said, “It is humbling to have this kind of strong bipartisan support in recognition of our hard work.”

    And Thompson called it “an important day for Anne Arundel County, when so many elected officials cross party lines and gender lines to focus and support a non-partisan team solely on qualifications, record, and experience.”

    Ticket prices for the fundraiser start at $250.

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    The fundraiser is being held at the Firemark Building on Wednesday evening in Millersville.

    Josh Kurtz
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