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Stateline, an initiative of The Pew Charitable Trusts, provides daily reporting and analysis on trends in state policy.


In some states, so-called labor peace agreements have figured prominently in efforts to set up legal pot marketplaces.

Local jurisdictions face trash problems that surfaced during the pandemic and are exacerbated by inflation and a scarce workforce.

State transportation officials caution that they need to determine how cost-effective the materials are and whether they’re sustainable and safe for drivers.

States have been seeing 20% to 40% hikes in project costs, depending on the region and materials.


Maryland’s diverse topography creates ‘data holes’ that make it tough to assess conditions.

Md. has a right-to-gripe law that protects consumers from retaliation by retailers if they post a bad review.

Baltimore health leaders have a multi-pronged strategy to use simple communication, outreach and education to turn back a frightening trend in infant deaths.

The Urban Institute is working with cities in a dozen states, including Baltimore, on strategies to bring Black homeownership back up.

an e-book reader sits atop a pile of traditionally bound books

Advocates are preparing bills aimed at making e-books more affordable for Maryland libraries.

When Julie Schablitsky’s team discovered a 19th century homestead during an archaeological dig in the path of a planned state highway project in Montgomery County, she was thrilled.