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The writer was a member of the Maryland Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education (also known as the Kirwan Commission), a former Baltimore City school board member, a former deputy mayor of Baltimore and a former Maryland secretary of Human Resources.

An education advocate offers an assessment of Maryland’s state superintendent’s first year.

The State Department of Education should ensure that increased special education funding is not diverted to other programs, an education advocate writes.

No one familiar with schools throughout Maryland doubts that grading and promotion/retention issues exist statewide to one degree or another.

In the upcoming election, what would it take for a candidate to emerge as the best hope to become Maryland’s “education governor”?

School board members work hard but usually get more grief than appreciation for their labors. I was one of them, serving two separate stints…

State Superintendent of Schools Mohammed Choudhury has pulled off a master stroke. He is asking the General Assembly to strengthen the ability of the…

It wasn’t so long ago that being known as an “education governor” was a steppingstone to national recognition and higher office, Hettleman writes.

1, 2, 3 toy blocks are scattered

As state legislators prepare to convene on Wednesday, three lessons are offered on education oversight.

The first order of education business for the General Assembly when it reconvenes in regular session should be to shore up — figuratively and…