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The bill would bring Maryland’s policy closer to other states in the region, governor says.

Democrats ‘spent a lot of time educating voters on how easy it was to do mail-in voting,’ party leader says.

From 2010 to 2020, every Maryland school district except Baltimore City reported increases in salaries for teachers with a master’s degree.

Social conservatives won seats on 14 school boards across the state.

Governor-elect has said he will pay for Maryland’s expanded pre-K program through taxes on revenue from cannabis, sports betting and other sources.

Veteran officeholder prepares for a new role on Capitol Hill.

The mood of Maryland voters as they went to the polls in several key jurisdictions.

Conservative school board candidates who want to remove books dealing with gender identity, racism and other socially sensitive topics from school library shelves are running in at least 11 of Maryland’s 23 counties.

Answers from the Maryland State Board of Elections on some of voters’ most frequently asked questions.

The Black Progress Index showed that in Baltimore City, gun violence decreased the life expectancy of Black residents by three years.