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Maryland Chatters Ep. 03 – Fundraising and Super Fans

For many politicians, fundraising isn’t their favorite part of the job, but it’s necessary.

And during the COVID-19 pandemic, the issue has become more fraught than ever.

Instead of crab feasts and soirees, many lawmakers this year turned to virtual events with pay-as-you-can price tags. Maryland Matters reporter Danielle E. Gaines caught up this week with one lawmaker who’s making the most of quarantine with a series of creative online fundraisers.

Del. Lesley Lopez (D-Montgomery) hosted a flower arranging how-to with a former White House florist in October. Later this month, she’ll hold a Gilmore Girls-themed trivia night.

And we like to end our podcast on a bit of a lighter note, and it didn’t take long for Maryland Matters editor Josh Kurtz to find a way to bring the Beatles into this mix. He chats with an Eastern Shore lawyer with a familiar name – and they both claim to be the state’s biggest Beatles fan.