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McCray Elected Chair of Baltimore City Senate Delegation

Baltimore City’s state senators elected Sen. Cory V. McCray (D) chairman of their delegation on Friday.

McCray’s election comes as one of his best friends, City Council President Brandon M. Scott (D), is set to be sworn in as mayor in two weeks. McCray was already going to be a key ally for Scott in Annapolis, and the new position will only enhance his ability to do so.


Sen. Cory V. McCray (D-Baltimore City)

“I am honored to have the opportunity to lead our delegation over the next two years,” McCray said in a statement. “In our districts — and across Baltimore — we are working together to find solutions to issues plaguing communities. My number one priority will be ensuring that Maryland provides adequate funding for education, infrastructure, public safety and health — especially in the era of COVID-19. In addition to supporting the new mayor, we will work to enhance and modernize the delegation’s operations so that we are innovatively able to connect with our constituents as we battle the pandemic.”

McCray was elected to the 45th District Senate seat in 2018 after four years in the House of Delegates. He replaces Sen. Antonio L. Hayes (D) as delegation chairman.

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