Alsobrooks Taps O’Malley, Others to Lead COVID Recovery for Prince George’s

Prince George's County Executive Angela D. Alsobrooks detailed a new COVID-recovery task force and more openings, at announcements Thursday.

Former Maryland Gov. Martin J. O’Malley has been tapped by County Executive Angela D. Alsobrooks to help Prince George’s succeed during, and after, the COVID-19 crisis.

With the pandemic upending every aspect of life, Alsobrooks (D) has created a task force dubbed “Prince George’s Forward” that will focus on five areas.

O’Malley (D), a former mayor of Baltimore and two-term governor who helped pioneer a data-driven approach to governing, will run the task force’s subcommittee on government operations.

“The task force will combine new data with expertise to provide well-reasoned recommendations on how our county should deal with this pandemic going forward,” Alsobrooks told reporters on Thursday.

Since leaving office in 2015, O’Malley has been teaching, writing and consulting. He ran for president in 2016.

O’Malley’s government subcommittee is one of five workgroups Alsobrooks has created.

  • Dr. Joseph Wright, Chief Medical Officer, University of Maryland Capital Region Health, will lead the health recovery subcommittee
  • Dr. Darryl Pines, President, University of Maryland, College Park, will chair the education panel
  • Rosie Allen-Herring, CEO, United Way of the National Capital Area, will oversee a review of human and social services
  • Thomas H. Graham, founder, TH Graham & Associates, a strategic consulting firm, will look at economic development

Chairpersons of Prince George’s Forward will be Dr. Charlene M. Dukes, president of Prince George’s Community College, and William Von Hoene Jr., Sr. Vice President, Exelon Corporation.

“We will work to recover from COVID-19 and to reimagine how our county approaches each of these areas,” Alsobrooks said. “In the end, the goal is not to get back to where we were. The goal is go faster and farther for our residents than we ever have before.”

Also on Thursday, she announced that the county will enter Phase 1 of its reopening plan on June 1.

Alsobrooks said that the Maryland Transportation Institute will assist Prince George’s County, which has had the highest infection rate in the state, avoid a spike in coronavirus cases.

Based at the University of Maryland, MTI analyzes mobile device tracking and other data to help transportation planners and others.

“This location information will help us identify where we need to go to prevent new COVID clusters,” Alsobrooks said.

“We’ll be able to identify hot spots that are prone to new outbreaks and will also identify patterns of interest so that we can respond to them in real time

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