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Letter: Fascination With Ex-Hogan Staffer Is Puzzling

The Capital Beltway near the Interstate 270 spur. Photo by Dave Dildine/WTOP.

Generations of mostly male staffers have transitioned from governors’ offices to the private sector, serving as advocates for businesses and nonprofits. Given this reality, I cannot understand the fascination that Maryland Matters has with a young woman, Amanda Allen, who has followed that path to work at the transportation firm Transurban.

While devoting several innuendo-laden articles to Ms. Allen, Maryland Matters has ignored similar moves by more senior male Hogan staffers, and has not noted that the lobbyist for a Spanish competitor Cintra followed the same path years earlier.

Young government staffers will continue to go into government advocacy into the future, because it allows them to build a career doing what they love. Lobbying is a noble profession, and it was a wonderful career for me. I hope it is for Ms. Allen, who I do not know. And I’m confident that Maryland Matters has better things to do than repeatedly singling out one young woman for no apparent reason.


The writer is a retired State House lobbyist.