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    Scenes from a park in East Baltimore whose name has recently been changed. Photos by Lee McCardell Kennedy (left) and William F. Zorzi

    Every year, the Institute for Nonprofit News releases a list of the best stories that appeared on nonprofit news websites over the course of the year.

    Here at Maryland Matters, we’re proud to be one of more than 200 members of INN — and pleased that one of our stories from this year was included in the latest compendium, The Best of Nonprofit News 2019.

    Selected this year, in the category of Local Investigations: William F. Zorzi’s incomparable article about the renaming of a park in East Baltimore.

    This was more than just a story about a park, of course: It was a tour de force look at a neighborhood’s transformation — its political history, the industries that drove its economy, its religious institutions and demographic changes.

    William F. Zorzi

    The article featured important Baltimore historical figures — some long-forgotten, others whose forebears are striving to keep them from being forgotten. And it weaved in the politics of the past and the present as only a veteran observer of Baltimore like Zorzi can provide.

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