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Hogan PAC Seeks Donations to Fight ‘Hyper-Partisan’ Pols Opposing His Repeat Offenders Plan

Gov. Lawrence J. Hogan Jr. (R) is still wearing purple ties to National Governors Association events, but his political committee took direct aim at the Maryland General Assembly, which is dominated by Democrats, in its latest fundraising pitch.

“We are committed to taking Maryland back from hyper-partisan politicians who choose to ignore the violence on our streets,” a fundraising email last week from the Change Maryland Action Fund began.

“To do that, it’s critical that we meet our end-of-month fundraising goal.”

The appeal goes on: “Maryland legislators are determined to ignore the problem of crime – even as the people of Maryland and local businesses suffer the consequences.

“They even REJECTED Governor Hogan’s commonsense plan for tougher sentencing laws for repeat violent offenders.

“The longer politicians drag their feet, the more violence hardworking Marylanders and their families will be forced to face.

“We can’t allow ourselves to become numb to this problem. The people of Maryland deserve better. We need real action NOW.”

The missive was written by Allison Meyers, a national Republican operative who is the finance director of the Change Maryland Action Fund, which bills itself as “The Official Committee in Support of Governor Hogan.”

The fine print tells readers that “There is no limit to the amount you can donate to the Change Maryland Action Fund” – unless you are a registered lobbyist, in which case you can’t contribute at all.

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